Luxe Duo Sconce

07 / 09 / 2013

Introducing the NEW Luxe Duo! This sconce was designed specifically to address the bathroom space and offer a high output light source in what is considered a small footprint. The Luxe Duo fits over a small mirror/cabinet and is powerful enough to illuminate a small bathroom on its own. The glass is also larger enough to fit fluorescent, incandescent A-lamps, and LED retro-fit A-lamp light sources!

The Luxe Duo is a step up in light output from the Circ Duo, moving up to [2] 26w Fluorescents (or 100w A-lamps), while offering a more contemporary design aesthetic.  It's a great option for those small bathrooms where the over-the-cabinet sconce is the only light source.

Check out the Luxe Duo here: http://ayrelight.com/products/view/Luxe+Duo