Wood Pendant

03 / 05 / 2012

Here is a look at a new pendant we have been working on. Its about 3ft tall and 2ft in diameter. Constructed from a single piece of aircraft grade plywood!

Did you even make paperchain people or snowflakes as a kid? This is where the inspiration was pulled from for this fixture.

The initial concepts were based on individual fins or removing material to create openings in the wood sheet, while also exploring mixed materials.


Further development proved that a single sheet of material, precisely engineered, would be the most functional approach. This created an efficient assembly process while adding a unique and beautiful aesthetic.

The main body of this fixture is formed from a single flat piece of plywood. Using a CNC and some AP level high school math we were able to create fastening points in the body that allowed for the bottom and top rings to fit into the blades of the body.  We needed to take into account the diameter of the body to create a sheet that would result in a smooth body without any overlapping of materials and a predetermined top and bottom diameter.

The light source reveals a warm play on color temperatures over the surfaces. Different finishes and/or base materials could also create some interesting pieces!